About Us

It's not at all surprising that Melodie came to operate a boarding facility for dogs and cats. She has loved and cared for animals all her life. Over the years, Melodie has rescued a wide variety of animals, and either adopted or found permanent homes for donkeys, goats, sheep and horses, dogs and cats. Today, she and her husband share their home with 3 beagles while also caring for 2 goats, 2 sheep and several horses.  

Melodie attended Kemptville College where she received a diploma in Equine Studies. In 2000, shortly after graduating, Melodie sustained serious injuries in an accident involving a race horse. While she has regained the ability to leisurely ride her own horses, she had to give up training and working with horses professionally.  

After moving to Alberta in 2006, Melodie started working part-time at a nearby boarding facility, and soon realized that she loved caring for dogs and cats in this capacity and wanted to open her own kennel. Melodie

Hill Top Kennels was established in November of 2014, and the doors to the new facility were opened to the first boarders about 7 months later, at the end of June, 2015.

Since the beginning, Hill Top Kennels has offered services and a level of care not available at other kennels. This is due in part because Melodie's sole focus is providing quality care to the pets that stay here, but also to the fact that she's an animal lover, through and through. In fact, after witnessing the amount of love and attention that Melodie gives to animals, people have told her that they would like to return as one of her pets in the next life.      

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