About Us

Melodie’s journey to opening Hill Top Kennels is a heartwarming story of her lifelong passion for animals. From rescuing a menagerie of creatures, including donkeys, goats, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats, to finding them loving homes, Melodie will do almost anything to make sure animals get the care they deserve. 

She and her husband Kevin have a special place in their hearts for beagles and coonhounds, breeds they’ve been rescuing for over 20 years, and they also love and care for horses and sheep.

Established in 2014, Hill Top Kennels is a family-run business. While Melodie is focusing on animal care and wellbeing, Kevin walks the dogs on his days off from his job, Kevin and their son Cole both clear snow, mow lawns, mow the play areas, do the landscaping, keep the place safe and looking good, and help clean up after the dogs.    

Melodie pours her heart into making sure every pet that stays at Hill Top Kennels feels loved and cared for, especially those that have had a rough past. She’s known for helping animals with a history of abuse, neglect, or separation anxiety. Pet owners are relieved to have a place that understands their pet’s special needs. 

And here’s a fun little nugget: Melodie’s care is so well known that some clients joke they’d love to come back as one of her pets in their next life! That’s a pretty good endorsement of the loving environment she’s created at Hill Top Kennels. 

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