Dog & Cat Boarding

At Hill Top Kennels, we strive to set a new standard for cat and dog boarding in Alberta. Our facility was designed to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable place for your pet to stay, whether long term or just for the day.


We've worked hard to create a facility that is unlike others in the area that offer cat or dog boarding. Grande Prairie pet owners and those from the surrounding areas who wish to board their pets will notice that we provide a very clean environment where pets receive every opportunity to play and exercise.

We also take the safety of your pet very seriously, which is why we require all our clients to prove that their pet's vaccinations are up to date (either with a photocopy of their vaccinations receipt or another statement from their vet), and only pets that live together can be kept together.

Whether you're interested in boarding your pet with us for just the weekend or require long term dog boarding, we're confident that we can fully accommodate your needs and provide your pet with an excellent home away from home.

Affordable Rates

Ask anyone whose pet has stayed with us and they will tell you that Hill Top Kennels provides great value. At just $30/day for regular pen dog, $35/day for large pen dog (click link below to see rates for multiple dogs), and $15/day per cat, our rates are competitive for both short and long term stays, and your pet will enjoy being able to exercise and play when they want, and will rest comfortably in a clean pen. For a small additional fee, we can also walk your dog, on leash, throughout the beautiful trails on our property.

Please click below for more information on what's included in our rates.

Our Rates

Whether you live in Crooked Creek or Grande Prairie, or travel to and from other locations in Northern Alberta, Hill Top Kennels is not only an affordable and safe place for your pet to stay, but your dog or cat will also receive the loving care they need to feel relaxed and at home in your absence. For more information on pet boarding or to book your pet's stay, please call us at 780.876.6704.



Our Rates Include the Following:

Photos of your pet and updates sent to you while you're away
24 hour access to water
Cat and dog toys, cleaned after use
Clean stainless steel food and water bowls
Clean beds and blankets
Cat litter
Time to exercise in the play area (dogs)
Medications can be administered if needed for no extra charge

*A Note About Pet Food: While food can be supplied at no extra charge, it's recommended that owners bring their pet's food to avoid stomach upsets. If your dog is on a raw food diet, that is not a problem. We have a fridge/freezer dedicated to keeping their food fresh and cold.

If you do not bring food for your pet, we will provide good quality food for them.

Regular Pens

4' H x 4' W x 4' D
Starting at $30/Day
Includes Dog Runs that are 4' D x 10' W and 6' H
1 Dog - $30/Day
2 Dogs - $50/Day
3 Dogs - $72/Day
4 Dogs - $84/Day

Extra Large Pens

4' H x 6' W x 4' D
Starting at $35/Day
Includes Dog Runs that are 6' D x 10' W and 6' H
1 Dog - $35/Day
2 Dogs - $55/Day
3 Dogs - $75/Day
4 Dogs - $90/Day

*It does not affect the rate if your dogs are together or separate but beside each other.*

Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Services

In addition to boarding, Hill Top Kennels is pleased to offer dog walking services: $5 per half hour walk

For any dog that would benefit from getting more exercise than what their individual outdoor run and the play area will allow, we can provide dog walking. Your pet will love walking through and exploring the maintained trails and fields found on our 300-acre property!

To ensure the safety of every dog, your pet will always be accompanied by a dog walker and on a leash.

The Benefits of Dog Walking

While regular exercise plays an important part in the maintenance of any dog's health, it's even more important for a dog to have ample time to exercise while they're boarding. Just like people, your pet can relieve stress through exercise, while spending time with a dog walker. Enjoying a change of scenery will also help them adjust to being away from home. At Hill Top Kennels, we provide every pet with the chance to play and exercise in their individual outdoor runs, but for some dogs, our walking services are just what they need to feel totally at home, during their stay.

For more information on this service, please call us at 780.876.6704.

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